Consultants in Toxicology and Nonclinical Development

Welcome to Levine Tox Consulting, LLC

Barry Levine Levine Tox Consulting provides consultation services in all phases of nonclinical drug development and in product liability/forensic toxicology issues.  We have experience with several classes of small molecules, biologics including proteins and monoclonal antibodies, and biosimilars.

Dr. Barry Levine, Principal, is a board-certified toxicologist with 35+ years of experience in all phases of drug toxicology and associated disciplines such as pharmacokinetics and pharmacology.  He has served in Director level roles within the pharmaceutical industry, contract research organizations, and academia, including 18 years of experience directing GLP toxicology laboratories.  In those roles, he developed and conducted nonclinical testing programs for numerous therapeutic agents. His experience includes interactions with regulatory affairs, clinical, analytical chemistry, quality, commercial, etc., in addition to regulatory agencies.

Levine Tox Consulting can provide expert nonclinical development services to assist in your drug development activities. 

                                                   "The dose makes the poison" (Paracelsus)

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